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My interdisciplinary practice is concerned with illustrating that which cannot be physically held.

I make objects and installations which, paradoxically, evoke the intangible essence of things. While I use a wide range of media, glass and sound are central to this endeavor. Glass captures light; sound captures vibration. Both mediums speak the language of the mystical.

I am influenced by the early symbolism and sacred geometry of ancient civilizations like Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis.  Central to my imagery is the circle
—a universal symbol and a symbol of the universe.  The circle is a recurring motif as an invocation of
the Divine Feminine.

I am trained in the energy healing modalities of Reiki, Seichem, and Magnified Healing. These modalities are based on the same traditions from which I draw my imagery and base my conceptual practice.  For me, art lies at the nexus of light
and energy.