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Cosmic octave planetary tones, 528hz singing bowl, live plant frequencies, voice recordings, and water recordings from large and small bodies of water in New York and Ireland.

Speaking via the universal, I use sound as a way to communicate the biggest ideas that exclude nothing. I aim to be holistic in the largest sense; an abstract version of a unified theory.

Sound is the best medium to bring distant or contradicting points together in a harmonious way. The range of sounds (found and made) in this work incorporates macro and micro scales; from the cosmic, to terrestrial (geopolitical, natural, continental), to the topography of the human body, to plant communication.

The live aspect of the work is critical in that its ephemerality asks for more focused attention than a prerecorded piece would. My live mixing and the fact that one of the sound components is my own voice, also puts me in a more vulnerable position. My aim is to generate a more direct connection with the audience. The vulnerability of the live performance also introduces a rawness into the work. In this way, it brings the cosmic back to something tangible and human.

Water recordings are site and time specific and bring a resonance or frequency from where they were collected. Water is a symbol of life and carries a multitude of memories. The alchemy of editing on the timeline speaks to globalization but also interconnectedness —oneness of all life. The sound piece is about communication (cosmic, bodily, interspecies), and unified physics. Using a plant that I have grown and nurtured myself is important as it represents an empathy and communication between species. In the same way that animals now have the right to be treated humanely, plants and the planet are the next frontier in terms of human awareness and ethics.

Sight is our dominant sense but our ears can detect a much wider range of frequencies. The eyes respond to an approximate doubling of light wave frequencies (red to violet). The ear detects 10 times this range in sound waves. Given that our hearing is not as dominant as our vision, we have not learned as many rules as to what constitutes a “pleasant” or “unpleasant” sound or tone, there is a little more flexibility in our judgement.

The Cosmic Octave Planetary Tuning Forks tone to the precise frequencies of the orbit of each planet around the sun, with the Sun being the central, core vibration. More than that, these forks create intervals that are universal to all of life, from the cosmic makeup to cellular makeup.

Sound coming soon!*