Lit, Sept. 9 - Oct 11, 2016, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred University, NY. Featuring work by Amanda Ringstad, John Hogan, CHIAOZZA and Calico Wallpaper. Curated by Karen Donnellan. Photography by Ashley Kerr.

Lit looks at an alternative definition of design, one where a fluid oscillation between disciplines joins a rigorously playful approach to making. This exhibition features work by two collaborative teams and two independent practitioners; who identify as both artists and designers.

We are intuitively drawn in by the visual, long before the cerebral. Lit offers an opportunity to acknowledge that elemental progression. Formal qualities of line, plane, and form along with a hedonistic use of light and luscious color, are essential to the work shown here.  Many works evade categorization; they move between two- and three-dimensional form and offer a spectrum running from the functional to the sculptural.

The work of Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza—aka Chiaozza (pronounced like “wowza”), explores play and craft across a range of media, including painted sculpture, installation, collage and photography. Rachel and Nick Cope, who operate under the name “Calico Wallpaper,” translate years of research in the global and diverse manifestations of paper marbling. Their contemporary wallpaper collections build on these traditions by incorporating new materials and technologies including metallics, gradients, and woven fibers. Amanda Ringstad is a conceptual photographer who ventures into the genres of still life, landscape, and commercial product design. With a background in photography and sculpture, she creates photographic compositions using both mediums.  Lastly, John Hogan works chiefly in glass spanning functional and sculptural form.  He seeks to interrupt and augment radiant energy through the refraction of light. His projects offer a reductive design aesthetic drawn from traditional Eastern European cast and cut glass.