"Earthshine" is a faint glow on the shadowed part of the moon caused by the reflection of sunlight from the Earth. This project brings together a collection of sound recordings relating to this light phenomenon. Site and time specific field recordings include a new moon, full moon, sunrise and sunset. The sounds of four cosmic octave planetary tuning forks are woven with these recordings. The tones resonate to the orbit of a new moon (210.42hz), the orbit of the Earth (194.18hz), the sun (126.22hz) and the Earth itself (432hz) to create a constantly changing 8-channel wall of sound.

This project is intended to harness, redirect, and magnify the energy of these solar-lunar cycles in order to attune the space and audience. It was first installed as a sound diffusion at the outdoor amphitheater in Corning, NY as part of the exhibition "Luxus."

Sound diffusion, 2016