The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is —it's to imagine what is possible.
-bell hooks

Some of the overarching aims in my work include making the intangible or incomprehensible experiential, inter-connectivity, and possibility thinking.

I make images, objects, and installations that, paradoxically, evoke the intangible essence of things. While I use a wide range of media, glass and sound are central to this endeavor. Glass captures light; sound captures vibration. Both mediums speak the language of the mystical. Probing that space between the visual and aural, I explore how the two can influence each other.

For me, art lies at the nexus of light and energy. Glass is one of few materials that can hold facture in stasis. It is this temporary state that lends itself to ideas surrounding the mystical and mythical traditions from which I draw my imagery and base my
conceptual practice.

Central to my imagery is the circle—a universal symbol and a symbol of the universe. The circle is also a recurring motif as an invocation of the Divine Feminine. My practice engages with a politically fraught world through works that envelop the viewer visually and acoustically.


Energy activism
Cosmic feminism
Sonic alchemy
Possibility thinking
Pleasure activism
Light language